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EOLIA is to develop software to evaluate CNS/ATM (communications, navigation and surveillance/air traffic management) for air traffic control data-link services in European airspace. Development in line with ICAO standards will exploit the PROATN prototype for feasibility demonstrations and full data line services evaluation. The software for the data link services will be installed on both ground and airborne computer systems, with monitoring and evaluation facilities for validation purposes. Direct involvement of airspace users, including airlines, will be a central feature throughout.

The EOLIA project's prime objective is to develop software to evaluate Communications, Navigation and Surveillance, Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) for Air Traffic Control data link services for eventual operational implementation in European airspace. These services will be developed :

1) in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Standard and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and Guidance Material, for air-ground data communications systems and the Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN),

2) in close co-operation with the ProATN project (TR1042) which is building a prototype ATN: This prototype ATN will provide the communications infrastructure to enable feasibility demonstrations and full evaluation of the data link services. The EOLIA and ProATN project teams will co-ordinate closely to ensure that a symbiotic relationship exists enabling both projects to meet their objectives.

The software to support the data link services will be hosted on ground and airborne computer End Systems, supplied by ProATN and others within the aviation industry. These will be pre-operational, pre-industrial systems, including specific monitoring and evaluation features to enable the validation of the project objectives. During the project, the EOLIA pre-operational software will be integrated with the communication components as developed by the ProATN project.

For feasibility demonstration and evaluation the EOLIA data link service software will be installed at four ground sites, and initially, in ground-based aircraft simulators. Later in the project aircraft will take part in flight testing. The results of the EOLIAs activity will be used to contribute towards the validation of all relevant ICAO SARPS under development, and will allow feasibility demonstrations to take place showing the capabilities and benefits of the CNS/ATM concept to the aviation community. Additionally it is planned to provide feasibility demonstrations at a major international air show using Airbus aircraft.

To ensure that the EOLIA objectives reflects the needs of airspace users, they have been given key roles within the EOLIA project through their involvement in the User Forum and the Evaluation Phase. They will also participate fully in the design and evaluation of the applications and services. In particular, Air France and British Airways have agreed to be associated partners thereby enabling these two major European carriers to make a direct contribution to the project. Other European Airlines, for example, Air Portugal and Austrian Airlines, have already indicated their interest in being involved in the project. Airbus Industrie with its extensive knowledge of the world-wide air transport industry, will also play a major leading role in the project and will provide guidance on issues related to non European Airlines operating in Europe airspace.

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