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ROSIN is developing an open system interconnection network for equipment located on different carriages of a train or inside a vehicle, using a standard digital communications network. A digital network based on the Train Communication Network (TCN) for equipment inside train carriages has been developed for passenger trains with locomotives, freight trains and mass transit. The objective is to validate a complete platform to allow interoperability at train and carriage levels. Validation is taking place on German and Spanish test sites. The system will be made commercially available world-wide and major beneficiaries will be transport and infrastructure operators and passengers.
ROMAIN is a powerful and versatile communication system. It produced a specification for a new communication device, called ROGATE (from ROSIN GATEWAY), which is able to interconnect an on-board network based on TCN (and virtually other networks) and a ground network based on TCP/IP (Internet protocols), using a GSM radio link. ROMAIN is a first application, which was added to ROSIN in '98, amending the original contract, and is dedicated to Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic for Maintenance. The ability to remotely monitor any on-board equipment and to receive precise messages about its status and working conditions, allows for a complete, real-time diagnosis of the system and accurate planning of the most appropriate interventions in the maintenance depot. Moreover, the ability to have ubiquitous access to this data in a seamless link to related documentation and information from manufacturers can be a precious help for the establishment of a European maintenance organization, capable of supporting data transmission from/to any train wherever it travels. To find more about the project (click here)