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Leading consensus formation in the large-scale urban and inter-urban transport projects in the Telematics Programme is the purpose of CODE. To this end, it will lead a series of technical workshops and plenary sessions as part of regular joint meetings, and develop transport telematics literature dealing with key issues in projects as they arise. Project experts will attend these events to consider horizontal issues, such as user needs, or vertical aspects like urban traffic control. CODE will also lead proceedings at separate conferences to encourage broader inter-project cooperation and publicity and report on final results.

The objective of the accompanying measure project CODE is to facilitate and help manage the process of consensus formation that will be needed by the large scale urban and inter-urban demonstrator projects in the Transport Sector of the Telematics Applications Programme in the Fourth Framework Programme. The objective will be achieved by animating a properly structured series of specific technical workshops and plenary sessions (up to twelve per year in the framework of the normal concertation meetings organized by the relevant programme level accompanying measure) as well as by developing the relevant documentation (e.g. proceedings and consensus documents), that will cover all aspects of transport telematics and deal with specific key issues as they are programmed to arise during the lifetime of the projects. These workshops and sessions will be held with the support of invited expert participants from appropriate projects to consider horizontal issues (such as users needs, standards and evaluation) or vertical aspects (such as urban traffic control, bus priority, in-vehicle information systems) as appropriate and when it is expected that consensus can be achieved or results presented.

CODE will also animate and provide the documentation for up to four fora or conferences each year, outside the normal concertation meetings, to involve all projects in the broader concertation, dissemination and networking processes, to present and discuss the output from the workshops, to receive relevant information from related programmes and to consider the next steps. These non-concertation meetings (fora and conferences) will be organised by the relevant sector level accompanying measure(s).

The proceedings from this properly structured series of meetings will make up a final report that will provide a complete record of progress and, at the same time, contain the final results from the Programme.

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