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Thermochemical upgrading of biomasses to gaseous and liquid fuels and feedstocks


- To investigate and to improve methods for the thermochemical conversion of biomass into gaseous and liquid fuels and feedstocks. These processes are of relevance to developing countries as well as to the EU-member states. The use of biomass reduces the need for crude oil and other fossil fuels, and thus has a positive effect on the environment.

The experiments are carried out in Chile, China, United Kingdom.. There are run on catalyst samples and biomass samples supplied by the co-ordinator.

- Two stages of the conversion of biomass are studied in the United Kingdom, in fact the hydropyrolysis of biomass and the hydrocracking of pyrolytic oils from the hydropyrolysis stage :
- Hydropyrolysis of biomass : it involves well-established experimental pyrolysis systems, sparingly a fixed bed "hot-rod" reactor and a high pressure wire-mesh reactor. The experiments focus on optimisation of the experimental conditions, such as temperature, pressure, gas flow rate and residence time;
- Hydrocracking of pyrolytic oils from the hydropyrolysis stage : it involves a packed catalyst fixed-bed reactor to be placed in series with the fixed bed "hot-rod" reactor. Experiments are ongoing, using a variety of catalysts in order to find the best operating conditions.
- Atmospheric pressure gasification is carried out in Chile. The Chilean partner also supplied two biomass samples as well as a series of catalysts (dolomite and calcite), that underwent different treatments. The facilities in Chile are run with the same materials as those supplied by the co-ordinator to the other partners;
- The main objective of the third part of the experimental work in China is the assessment of the process of converting biomass using an atmospheric fluidised bed reactor for energy production. After modification of the existing test facilities, experiments with Chinese biomass samples, as well as experiments with the Chilean biomass samples are run.


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