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Organisation of an information system on production inputs, catches and characteristics of small scale fishery in Ecuador


The small scale fishery sector in Ecuador is a major contributor to the total catches of demersal and pelagic fish. Historical data about catches, however, are scarcely reliable due to lack of attention paid by the state institutions to a systematic gathering of data in this sector. At the present time, therefore, we lack reliable information about fish landings in the coastal ports.
The small scale fishery sector is important to the Ecuadorian economy because it provides both jobs and income to people living at subsistence level, and it contributes to the export sector by providing hard currency to the country.


1) Studying possibilities to organise an information system for gathering and managing data about catches ot the artisanal fishery at the national level.
2) Estimating the optimum catch rates of demersal and pelagic fishes for artisanal fishery capture.
3) Identifying the main technical and socio-economic characteristics of artisanal fishermen communities.

Information will be collected through questionnaires, through interviews about the fish landings on the beach and through a wider socio-economic survey in the fishing communities. The methodology will be decided by analysing first the methods used previously to avoid previous mistakes. Research assistants will work in the field from time to time to get this information.
Data will be processed by using a computer program written ad hoc to include production of statistics about the fish catch.

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CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Scottish Office Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries Department
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