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A project to significantly improve the handling and processing of small pelagic fish for aquaculture and food use


The World catches of anchovies, sardines, herrings, mackerel, scad and other small pelagic fish are about 30 million tons/year. About 3 million tons/year are landed in Europe and used mainly for good, but expensive food products. About 12 million tons are landed in Latin America, where more than 90% are reduced to fish meal and oil, often of standard to low quality and accompanied by air and water pollution. The main producer is now Chile, where increasing amounts of high quality fish protein and oil products are needed for use in large and increasing salmon culture in the south of Chile.
For this purpose, drastic improvements of catch handling at sea are need- . ed. Such improvements will reduce or eliminate the air and water pollution and allow an increased and diversified food use of these fish of high nutritional quality when caught.
The fish technology sections of DIFTA, Denmark, AZTI, Spain, and Fundaciôn Chile are now proposing a 3 year cooperation project to: A) - improve the handling of large catches of small fish at sea, B) - improve the curing and other food processing of small fish, C) - improve and diversiey the processing of surplus fish and offal for salmon feeding.
The Latin American annual catches of 12 million tons fish correspond to about 2 million tons of protein and 1 million tons of oil, both very valuable for human nutrition. The main aim of the proposed project is to prepare for direct food processing of up to half of this fish, the fillets, and indirect food use of the remaining half, the oefal, processed for use in aquaculture.
The improved and new technologies to be developed and demonstrated by the project in Latin America and Europe will in due course be useful also in Africa and Asia.


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