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Collaborative Project to Investigate Consumer Preferences for Selected Sorghum and Millet Products in the SADCC Region of Africa


To enhance food security in Africa through promotion of drought resistant crops such as sorghum and the millets.
Specific objectives to be achieved by this proposal:
1. To find and characterise the preferences between the cereals for different groups of consumers in Africa.
2. To identify key constraints to the use of sorghum and millets for different groups of consumers, including ethnic, rural and urban groups.
3. To identify sorghum varieties most suitable to meet the
technological requirements and organoleptic preferences of users. 4. To improve physico-chemical and functional characteristics of milled products from sorghum and the millets.
5. Based on the above, to develop and promote these grains by finding new opportunities for their use. Commercial linkages will be identified for this and new technologies will be developed and promoted.
6. Produce an action plan for use throughout the SADCC region, designed to promote consumption of sorghum and millets.


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