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Innovative Concepts in Agricultural Residues Utilization for Sustainable development


Research on the innovative concepts of Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF), and Simultaneous Fermentation and Separation (SFS), as well as their potential combinations and variations, as applied to agricultural /agro-industrial residues in an African and an Asian country. Ethanol and aceton-butanol-ethanol (ABE) bioconversions present opportunties for the production of liquid biofuels that can be used as transporation fuels, in mixtures with conventional oil-based products.
Additional innovative elements of the project are the investigation on the possibilities to eliminate the solvent recovery step, and thus improve both the economics and energetics of the processes, by using solvents with a fuel value, e.g. biodiesel or gasoline, in preference also derived from indigenous, renewable raw materials.
The project consists in a number of tasks and sub-tasks, associated with training and mobility elements, basically of a North-to-South type, but also of a South-to-South one, so that the integration of R&D activities
of the EC and the developing countries partners is enhanced and supported.


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