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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Intervention trial to reduce mortality and improve outcome of hospitalisation of the most common serious childhood infections in Maputo, Mozambique


The overall objective of this study is to contribute to a better understanding of the potential of vit Aas a therapeutic aid to reduce the severity and mortality of childhood infections (diarrhoeal diseases (DD), cere bral malaria (CM) and acute respiratory infections (ARI)) and to contribute to the formulation, implementation and evaluation of strategies for reducing infant and child mortality in Mozambique.
B. Specific objectives: 1 Determine the contribution of subclinical vit A deficiency to immediate and delayed case-fatality for DD, CM and ARI among hospitalized children with DD, CM and ARI. 2 Test the potential of routine vit A supplementation at admission with regard to survival, complications and recovery during hospitalization for DD, ARI and CM. 3 Determine the outcome of children admitted with DD, ARI and cM in the 6 weeks after discharge. 4T0 compare different methods of assessing subclinical deficiency of vit A
SUMMARY oF THE RESEARCH WORK: The study will be a randomised triple-blind placebo-controlled trial. Three groups of children with either DD or ARI or CM, admitted to the paediatric wards of the CHM with the appropriate criteria will be assigned randomly to a control (receiving a placebo) or a supplementation (receiving vit A) group and will be visited 6 weeks after discharge. All efforts will be done to adhere to current practices regarding criteria for admission or discharge. A fourth group of children will be studied separately to compare different methods of measuring sub-clinical deficiency of vit A.


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