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Development of SILOS Managerial Skills in Brazil : Research and Implementation of Suitable Tools for Intersectorial and Participative actions in Dealing with Main Local Health Problems


The project aims at developing management skills in the Brazilian network of Local Health Units (SILOS). Specific attention will be given to : a) developing the institutional framework for local health units; b) planning & programming processes at a local level;
c) evaluation process of costs encountered in the aim of developing an intersectorial approach to answering the health needs of the population
Particular attention will be paid to the relationship between decentralization strategies and the general changes taking place within the Brazilian Health Care System today.
Project's objectives are the definition and implementation of plans of action in 2/3 LHUs (SILOS) regarding the following issues :
- traditional and innovative methodologies to support decision-making processes;
- planning and programming processes involving local communities; - planning and programming to solve problems (moving from the institutional mandate of orqanizations towards inter-sectorial action on specific health issues);
- development of human resources to sustain the period of change The research work will be activated and developed in five phases which are: 1) Analysis and systematization of the methodologies already used in the field of development of SILOS by the proponent research institutions and the definition of common research methodologies to be applied. 2) Analysis of the de-centralization experiences in the National Health Services carried out in the three countries involved; selection of appropriate SILOS for research activities "learning laboratories". 3)Implementation and/or refinement of methodologies, techniques, operative tools used for the analysis of health needs and the development of intersectorial actions aimed at problem solving. Identifying local health priorities. Implementation of a monitoring system.
4) Setting up of "project task forces" and "working laboratories" in order to verify the feasibility of the proposed strategies.
5) Evaluation of the project and a study of feasibility on the reproducibility of the methodologies and management tools.


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