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Comprehensive Prevention and Control of STI/HIV in High-Risk Groups. Community Intervention Study on Female CSWs in Surabaya, Indonesia


The proposed operational research will compare the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of a comprehensive prevention and control programme of sexually transmitted infections as a way to control further spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The effectiveness will be compared to the existing health programme. The target group will include registered female commercial sex workers. The proposal includes the disciplines of epidemiology, social sciences and health education. This community intervention study will be based on a quasi-experimental design. In Surabaya registered female Commercial Sex workers are living in 4 areas, 'lokalisasi'. In the intervention area a comprehensive STIS prevention and control programme will be implemented, adapted to the category of female CSWs, their subculture and their health seeking behaviour. The research will not only look for the best way to increase accessibility of STIs prevention programmes and control over female CSWs in the Indonesian environment, but also to integrate an active health education programme with peer health education and an outreach education programme targeted CSWs and brothels mamasans and owners.
Condom promotion,change of a risk behaviour and empowerment will be some of the objectives of the programme. Based on the information collected through structured questionnaires it will be decided what information has to be validated or what part needs more detailed information through focus group discussions and in depth interviews. The impact of the intervention will be assessed at 6 monthly intervals over a period of 18 months by measuring the incidence and prevalence rates of STIs, the accessibility of the intervention programme, change of risk behaviour and change in knowledge level about STIs and HIV, and the sustainabilitv of the changes. In the control area the same studies will be conducted at intake and at the end of the study period. In the control area the collection of information will be limited to prevalence of interested Stis and behaviour data at intake and at the end of the study.


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