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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Ecosystems of the IX Region of Chile: Influence of Land Use on Sustainability


It is intended to develop a system for characterizing, monitoring and evaluating the sustainability of land use systems and their:impact on the environment. The scheme would serve to develop land use plans which consider environmental as well as human requirements and which permit a sustained use of natural resource.
Data will be taken in the following areas of research:
soil physics and chemistry, soil organic matter, energy and nutrient balancing (including livestock), hydrology, plant pathology, plant sociology and bioindication, agrosociology including economic aspects. The main objectives of the project are:
(I) To characterize the principle land use systems (ecosystems) of the IX region of Chile (natural forests, managed forest plantations with exotic species (pinus, Eucalyptus), pastures (extensive and intensive), traditional and modern agriculture).
(II) To examine the sustainability of these ecosystems in the context of biodiversity, nutrient stocks and soil constraints.
(III) To establish a GIS-based environmental monitoring and recommendation system.
(IV) To make recommendations for sustainable agriculture in the IX region in strict cooperation with the local population, esp. farmers.
(V) To extend and modify the model for a completely different environment (meseta Central of Costa Rica), testing its global applicability.
Thematic maps will be generated and critical areas will be highlighted. Integration of expert knowledge in the recommendation system will allow to examine the influence of land use systems and changes in cultural practices on sustainability.


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