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Processing of the Under-Utilised Marine Fish/Crustacea Species in Africa and in Asia


The objective of the proposal is to improve the utilisation of low-value fish and crustacea species by processing for direct human consumption. This systematic scientific and innovative study will involve collaboration between three European partners (united Kingdom, portugal and the Netherlands, three partners in Africa (Angola, Ghana and Namibia) and to a slightly lesser extent Asia (malaysia and India). The Asian countries provide a valuable link with a complimentary and recently approved Ec project on the utilisation of low-value fish in Asia, coordinated by the FAO. This research, which is in line with the overall development policy for the fisheries sector in the countries involved, will therefore also form part of a comprehensive programme for the development of technology to increase the domestic fish supply by efficient utilisation of present resources.
The present proposal has attempted to address the problems of overfishing and the lack of processing to improve food supply by concentrating on the under-utilised species in Africa and Asia and employing innovative processing methods to enhance textural and nutritional quality. There are four main phases covered by the proposal namely:
. characterisation and processing of selected under-utilised species to produce isolates and hydrolysates of high functionality and organoleptic quality using relevant and traditional technologies.
. systematic studies on the interaction of fish proteins with other indigenous proteins and starches to assess the effects of temperature, pH and other processing parameters on fish proteins and the mixtures in order to enhance organoleptic and nutritional properties.
. development and quality control of new products including infant foods and the judicious use of fish lipids in these products and
. detailed studies on the biochemical aspects of processing including protein interactions, protein denaturation, lipid oxidation, formation of free radicals and the effect of antioxidants using advanced
spectroscopic, chromatographic and immunocytochemistry/microscopy techniques.
The knowledge gained will be used to enhance the acceptability,nutritionaL, safety and prevention properties of the above products.


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