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Content archived on 2024-06-11

Integrated Urban transport concepts and market orientated urban transport systems/on demand urban transport systems.

Exploitable results

The objective of the INTRAMUROS project is to: "Study the integration of different actors involved in Urban Transport, through the development and validation of a conceptual methodology for assessing this integration. This methodology will be oriented to non-technological matters such as strategic, organizational, institutional and financial ones. Nevertheless, the support that existing or emerging technologies can contribute to this integration, will be taken into account in the project." [INTRAMUROS, Technical Annex, 1996]. To achieve this main objective, the consortium identified three intermediate objectives that have been covered progressively during the project life cycle: - To review the current status of integration of Urban Transport Systems (UTS), with particular attention to the sites and users involved with the Consortium, who provided a set of varied and representative test cases. - To develop strategies and concepts for co-ordinating the various actors and operators involved in UTS integration, paying particular attention to urban traffic control, interurban traffic control and public transport. - To develop a methodology which allowed the different urban actors (local authorities, public transport operators, regional authorities, user groups, technology providers, etc.) to assess their level of integration and co-ordination. This assessment was to include the benefits they were getting from this integration, their weaknesses (with respect to their strategic objectives), the potential benefits they could get by modifying their operating scenario etc. INTRAMUROS has on the whole achieved these three main objectives. The results of the INTRAMUROS project show that there is enormous potential in Europe for the methodology developed.

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