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Content archived on 2024-06-11

Methodology for the validation of the use of GNSS (including development of certification, qualification and standardisation)


The main objective of this project is to help the different user communities, which are considering the use of GNSS for their specific applications, to authorise its operational use. This will be done by defining a methodology that describes the different steps to be followed before reaching the final operational approval.

In particular, this road map will identify each task to be performed, the relevant inputs or tools needed to perform it properly and the most appropriate actors (administrators, intermational organisations, standardisation bodies...) to take responsibility for it. The links between those steps will also be analysed in depth before proposing an appropriate sequencing of the different steps.

The final output of this study should present enough elements to allow the European Commission to steer their efforts towards the different activities needed to take the biggest advantage of the different GNSS generations as they are implemented through time.

It is possible to define the following objectives:
1) General methodology for the validation of the use of GNSS for all modes of transport (WP2). (Once the state- of- the- art of GNSS validation is achieved - WP1).
2) Application of the general methodology to GNSS 1 for each mode of transport (WP3).
3) Application of the general methodolgy to GNSS 2 for each mode of transport (WP4).
4) Identification of obstacles to the application of the general methodology to GNSS 1 and GNSS 2 and recommmendations for overcoming such obstacles and propositions of specifications for required validation tools (WP5).

The preleminary inputs are the analyses of:
EUROCONTROL STUDIES: 1) GNSS Safety Case impact study,2) Development of the EGNOS Safety Case,3) GNSS performance Validation Study,4) EGNOS Operational Test and Validation,5) SAPPHIRE ESA STUDIES: 1) Validation/Certification related activities within EGNOS,2) Phase C and D of EGNOS proposal EC STUDIES: 1) CLAIM on Multimodal legal/Certification Framework for GNSS,2) Validation/Certification related activities within INES, EURONAV,3) ACCRUDA, 4) Magnet A and BV.

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