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CANS builds on the existing Telematic Application Sites network addressing the needs of older and disabled citizens. The project demonstrates how telematics may reinforce the work of public agencies assisting the increasing number of migrant groups in the EU. The key aim will be to improve the quality and equality of services and to economise on the effective use of time by the staff involved in the different Member States, through telematics-based networking and cooperation, including built-in interpreting support between European pooling of experience and expertise in local services.

The CANS project aims to demonstrate viable uses of multimedia telematics to support public agencies in dealing with the rising problem associated with migrants in the European Union. Despite the urgency of the problems, it is currently unlikely that the resources public bodies can devote to the affairs of migrants can be expanded significantly in the near future. There is in consequence strong pressure for systems to enable meeting the needs of increasing numbers with more effective services, with the same resources. A critical issue is the need to shorten by a large factor the expert staff time taken to deal with problems.

The project sets out to expand the existing RACE and Telematics Application Sites across European Union. The results from past projects using these sites have shown that all classes of citizens can use and welcome videotelephony based services. Local authorities have little difficulty in providing services to citizens using videotelephony. For standard enquiries, machine-based systems can be used to provide the required information in the citizen's language and with reference to the culture of migrant groups. However, the development of such systems is not the focus of this project. It addresses the efficient deployment of networked human resources particularly where standardised machine-based multimedia fails to meet the citizens' needs.

Using Euro-ISDN the project links together experts in different member states and provides them with interpretation, improving cohesion and promoting co-operation and integration between local administrations across the European Union.

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