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CWASAR is aimed at boosting European industrial competitiveness via a secure communications infrastructure for an electronic market place. The focus will be on provision of services such as electronic fair advertising, identification of business partners, commercial transactions and modern document transfer facilities. The main concern is for a user-friendly electronic information and cooperation system as straightforward and trustworthy as communication by traditional mail and fax, with low initial investment costs for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The goal of the project is to promote the competitiveness of European industry by providing a secure information and communication infrastructure for a European electronic market place. The key services provided are a continuous electronic fair for advertising, finding business partners, business transactions such as ordering, booking, contract negotiations as well as the transfer of documents such as text, hypertext, engineering data and multimedia documents.

An extensive market analysis focused on the user group of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) has shown that the following properties are considered mandatory for a high acceptance of such a system: a small amount of investment, a rich set of participants, dependable services and modularity of the system.

Our conclusions are twofold: First, an electronic information and cooperation system is needed that can be used as simply, reliably and trustworthily as fax and letters. Second, a strategic marketing plan is required that, starting with low initial investments costs and with European SME associations as multipliers, attracts a large amount of users from the start.

The market success for such a system is expected to be quite good: a large number of users consulted in the market analysis have already given commitments to participate.

In a first phase, the project will result in a demonstration server and the technical architecture for the final system. The demonstration server will provide an easy-to-use Windows interface accessing a simple database via standard transport protocols. Based on the results of the market analysis and the demonstration evaluation the technical architecture will be designed with respect to its transfer protocols, its databases and its security .

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