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DALI will use multimedia telematics for better all-round services in towns and cities. It will thus boost the quality of urban life, particularly among disadvantaged groups like the elderly, and support the take-up of information technology by local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The project will address the regular demand for improved user-driven services at lower cost to the taxpayer, while also seeking to satisfy the public need for cross-sectoral administration traditionally delivered via vertical structures. Technical features will include a two-way multimedia communication channel, Smart Card multi-service system and a customised services telecentre.

The aim of the DALI Project is to add-value to the City solutions for Citizens' needs, through multimedia telematic products and services.

The related goals are to improve the quality of life of the citizens, mainly those with fewer opportunities (disabled, elderly, immigrants, jobless,..), and the technology information environment of SME's; and to increase the productivity of the Administration in its role of services provider.

For the DALI partners, telematics seems a helpful tool to solve the following paradoxes:

- the citizens persistent demand for new and better services whilst expecting lower taxes;

- the vertical organization by sectors within the administrations and the need to deal in a horizontal manner with the cross-sectoral needs of the citizens

To validate the aforementioned capability of telematics, the DALI project will address the needs of the citizens in terms of: information, administrative procedures, participation in the community decision process, utilization of public facilities and equipment, and reception of customised specific services.

This will be achieved by defining, building, testing and validating a Two-Way Multimedia Communication Channel supported by a network of servers and a network of multimedia client terminals, a Multiservices Smart Card-Based System for facilities, and a Telecenter for Delivery and Monitoring Specific Customised Services (care of elderly and disabled people, health services planning,...).

With nine cities as partners (Barcelona, Bologne, Copenhagen, Cologne, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Leipzig, London-Lewisham, Torino and Toulouse), DALI is a balanced Consortium arising from the Telecities network and well qualified to achieve the project goals and its future diffusion.

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