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In OSA-TESMA, the usefulness of high-speed access to multimedia data for administration and planning in European cities will be demonstrated. Quality telematics is invariably crucial to the delivery of better, more cost-effective public services by local authorities. One project site will test applications for high-speed data access in urban planning, while another will focus on a comparable system for exporting information products. A clearer view throughout Europe of the telematics needs of urban administration in these and similar areas is expected as a result.

The application of high-performance Telematics services in administrations in Europe is a key to better performance, higher productivity and to reducing costs for public services and authorities.

Administrations need and provide information products while providing services. These information products accessible from outside become more and more the "basic raw material" for many companies operating all over Europe. Networks which make the information products available are becoming more and more important, where each administration can individually set up the access rules and possible costs to be paid for providing the information products.

In the OSA-TESMA project the focus in Karlsruhe is on the development, realisation, test and validation of a high-speed access to multi-media-data for the tasks of the adminstration and planning of real estates in the form of a comprehensive set of Telematics service. The usage will be internally by VLA (a department of the City Council of Karlsruhe) in order to build and maintain their databases and externally by system house KREUTLER in the development of guidance and control systems for security and rescue services.

In Nancy the focus of interest is on developing, building up, testing and validating a multi-media information system at DAN (District Urbain d'Agglomération de Nancy)for the export of information products via international networks and upcoming data-highways mainly to promote industry establishment in a town/region.

Demonstration and validation for both Telematics services will be done also by our partners VIEWROPE in Sweden and EPSILON in Greece. The results may be used all over Europe and will give establish a well founded common sense approach to what kind of telematics services and information products, which are needed in for and from administrations in Europe.

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