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The aim of PDWeb is to exploit knowledge and experience already gained in operating an embryonic public information system. The project will use multimedia techniques to provide employment information, with an existing kiosk network and updating and control mechanisms. Agency requirements in employment and related areas will then be developed into an expanded system. The first phase will entail validation of results backed by user statistics from the kiosks, with emphasis on a general-purpose design. The second will lead towards exploitation in which urban and rural areas offer their citizens free easy-to-operate new services.

The purpose of this project is to use and expand upon the knowledge and experience gained by operating an embryonic public information system. This service will use multimedia techniques and provides employment information. An existing kiosk network and methods with software to update and control it have already been developed. In this manner risk to the project is considerably reduced.

The project will develop user needs in employment and other related areas to offer a much wider public service. The first phase will have great emphasis upon validation of results including user statistics obtained from the kiosks themselves. PDWeb supports as far as practical a "design for all" approach.

The second phase introduces more commercial aspects leading to exploitation.

The PDWeb will be set up primarily in Calderdale upon a public kiosk demonstrator, then at our partners' locations as knowledge and sponsorship is gained. (PDWeb may expand to WWW also.) The outcome will result in several EU Urban and Rural areas having new services. Local citizens will have even handed and free access to a range of simple to operate information services. The model so created may be duplicated throughout the EU.

It is anticipated that an early demonstration of the initial platform model can be delivered to the Commission in January 1996 (CD-ROM version).

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