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Use of integrated interactive multimedia services to improve business success and the quality of life in European regions is the purpose of REGIONET. It will do so through linking regional networks based on Internet and other relevant technologies. At least two key services will be established in each of four regions, with business and community information common to three of them. They will be delivered to users on computers at home or work, or via public multimedia kiosks, with due regard for access by the disabled and other minority groups. Monitoring of REGIONET may pave the way for paid services and information brokering.

RegioNet aims to improve the success of businesses and the quality of life in four regions of Europe through the provision of a range of integrated and interactive multimedia services. It will also influence the use of telematics in four other regions of the European Union.

It will fulfil its aims through the development of an infrastructure in each of the four main regions using Internet and other relevant technologies and linking these networks between four regions. At least two key services will be established in each region. Business and community information services are common to three of the regions. Additional services to be piloted include home/business-based training, art and culture and library services.

Services will be delivered to users through home or business based computers and in public places by multimedia kiosks. Care will be taken to ensure that access to services is made possible for people with disabilities, special needs, and minority language groups. There will be at least three dispersed community access points in each region.

RegioNet will focus on the integration of non-proprietory systems, using standard protocols, providing simple and cost effective information access and communications through a range of networks (Internet, PSTN, ISDN etc). It will seek to integrate these technologies in a seamless fashion to provide a standard user interface to distributed information sources and networks. RegioNet will have controlled links to the Internet. Monitoring mechanisms will be developed as part of RegioNet to enable services to be paid for (where appropropriate) and faciliate the development of information brokering services. RegioNet will support messaging and file transfer.

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