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TEMPLE is to stimulate job prospects for teleworkers, the creation of enterprises, and novel entrepreneurship for the emerging Information Society. It will start as an electronic employment agency for teleworkers, later becoming a springboard for new enterprises. The project uses telematics to overcome barriers between supply and demand of telework in Europe. Its supply side provides for careful planned recruitment and telematics training of candidates, while small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are offered a tasks-on-demand menu, hands-on training and a complementary services kit.

Temple is an innovative design to stimulate job opportunities among potential teleworker groups and favour the creation of new virtual and real enterprises, as well as the development of a new entrepreneurship culture in the framework of the emerging Information Society. In the short term TEMPLE can be seen as a pro-active electronic employment agency for teleworkers, whereas in the medium to the long term it will become an incubator for new enterprises, "virtual" as well as real ones.

TEMPLE uses telematics and teleworking intensively to remote geographic and time related barriers between supply and demand in the European market place and also innovates in the use of the client - server architecture, originally designed to sell products and services, to "sell" people (digitalized CVs, including personal video presentations). From teletrading to Tele-placing.

TEMPLE is very pro - active and fiscally advantageous for the potential employers as well as employees. On the supply side it organises the supply by resorting to:

i) a well planned and careful selection of suitable candidates with positive attitudes and complementary skills so as to be able to develop "integrated telework solutions" for potential clients for (Task On Demand - TOD),

ii) intensive training of selected candidates in telematics, teleworking practices and electronic communications skills, and

iii) a flexible juridical figure aimed at facilitating the selling of skills and freeing the teleworkers from tax and administrative burdens.

On the demand side, it also organises the demand by offering client companies, particularly Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs):

i) a menu of Tasks on Demand (TOD),

ii) hands - on training in the use of telematics services and

iii) a "telematics enabler kit" to facilitate communication complementary telematic services at a discount price.

Whereas, as a broker TEMPLE will:

i) set - up a dedicated task force to sell "door to door" the packaged supply (TOD),

ii) guarantee its performance, and

iii) offer the clients the possibility of also becoming suppliers with a net position at the end of the billing period.

The up-take of TEMPLE after its trial period is guaranteed by the high degree of commitment of the main sponsors at each projects site. As well as by the fact that, to a large extent, the project is based on the improvement and extension - to the European context - of and already successful (in terms of employment generation) on going market - driven scheme lead by one of the partners.

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