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Content archived on 2024-04-16

An Information System for Road User Safety


The objectives of this project are:
- to define what information should be presented to the road users and when & how this should be done in order to ensure a maximum of understanding and adherence.
- to specify technical requirements and an organisational framework to ensure that information reaches the road users.
The INFOSAFE project is concerned with the task of generating traffic safety related messages to all road users. The project will outline the structure of the rule bases necessary for handling detected incidents and generating appropriate messages. A prototype decision support system for the operator in traffic control centres is envisaged.
The INFOSAFE system will assist the operator in the traffic control centre by handling incoming information on the traffic situation, defining and structuring incidents, deciding relevant traffic engineering countermeasures, deciding actions to take for specific target groups and formulating messages for these target groups as a function of available means of communication. The system is designed to generate complex messages. Their presentation to the road user however, depends on which means of communication is chosen for transmitting the message (eg elaborate techniques in the vehicle for filtering and presenting the message to the driver allows for more complex messages than a variable road sign). The core of the INFOSAFE system will be the INFOSAFE database containing records of all incoming information and the actions being taken based on this information. The INFOSAFE system is planned for use in the traffic control centres of today and in centres with different geographical coverage. More elaborate detection techniques and developed decision support (eg simulation models and expert systems) can be added in the future.
The operating environment is as follows :
The system prototype will be developed for personal computer (PC) environments which facilitates wide spread use.
To achieve the objectives the project will specify a system for collecting, processing, transmitting and presenting traffic safety information to road users. To support this the project will produce:
- an expert system which will generate understandable traffic safety related messages,
- a manual for information definition supported by AI to facilitate the assessment of the severity of detected incidents, the response to be taken actions and the likely consequences of the incident,
- recommendations for the organisation of traffic information including test software which can be adapted to differing national conditions.
Main Deliverables:
Prototype of an expert system.


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