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Definition of Standards for In-Vehicle Man Machine Interface

Exploitable results

Knowledge has been gained in the development of European standards for in vehicle man machine interaction (MMI). The purpose of this is to promote the design of information systems which are usable and, more importantly, which do not compromise driver safety. This aim was achieved by completion of the following tasks: a review of the current European environment with respect to existing in vehicle MMI standards; standards activities in other related areas (eg office information technology (IT)); relevant standards committees, procedures and documents; current legislation; and past and present research which could contribute to standards development; the collation of supporting information for standards development, namely drivers' functional abilities and driving habits; the in vehicle noise environment and in vehicle lighting environment; development of a list of MMI criteria, based on the literature, which can be used as a first step towards standards as well as a tool in the design and evaluation of future road transport informatics (RTI) systems with respect to human factors issues; elicitation of the views of (current and potential) standards users on their requirements for the structure, content and use of MMI standards for RTI systems; a discussion of the issues associated with the development and use of in vehicle MMI standards. The knowledge gathered during these tasks has been reviewed and used to suggest a way forward for standards development in future research programmes.