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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Strategies for the Prevention of Road Traffic Congestion


The project aims to produce a report giving a strategic view of the way in which different approaches to congestion prevention can be effectively utilised. In particular the limitations of traffic responsive systems, and any corresponding requirement for demand management, will be identified.
The main objective of the research was to develop a strategic view of the way in which different approaches to road traffic congestion prevention can be effectively utilised.

The research focused on:
road traffic congestion problems and policies;
congestion prevention techniques;
strategies for combining congestion prevention techniques;
the applicability of congestion prevention alternatives;
results of field trials to predict and prevent congestion on motorways.

The following results have been obtained:
the identification of congestion scenarios has been completed;
interim reports have been prepared on the identification and assessment of congestion strategies;
the technical specification for the field trial on the German motorway network has been completed.
Particular considerations will be:
- the different types of congestion which can occur and the type of approach which may be appropriate in each case,
- current policy, experience of and attitudes towards congestion prevention in different countries,
- the extent to which different strategies or techniques for congestion prevention are complementary or mutually incompatible,
- the expected timescale and the likelihood of the commercial development of approaches developed within the DRIVE programme.
Taking these considerations into account, the project will provide a framework identifying the range of applicability of different strategies and techniques for congestion prevention. The comparison of alternatives will be an important feature of this framework, although cost/benefit appraisals will not form part of the project.
It is important to note that this project is not concerned primarily with the detail of particular strategies or techniques, but with an integrated view of their potential effectiveness in different circumstances and with different policy objectives.
Main Deliverables:
Statement on congestion prevention strategies.


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