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Electromagnetic compatibility of advanced transport telematics


The development of advanced transport telematic systems enhanced by urban and interurban pilot projects have considerably increased electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) risks amongst the different systems installed in the infrastructure as well as aboard vehicles. A horizontal working project which considers the EMC requirements of DRIVE 2 urban and interurban pilot projects in relation with their security and safety requirements is therefore required.

A co-ordinated research programme and significant trials in the field of electromagnetic compatibility of advanced transport telematic systems on several of Europe's primary corridors is being undertaken in this project in order to develop EMC test methods and theoretical models, to evaluate a range of information terminals from the EMC point of view, to disseminate relevant information for the standardisation bodies, to advice the pilot projects and to enhance the technical evaluation procedure of the DRIVE 2 pilot projects.


To fulfil these objectives, this project will proceed with broad evaluation of the main safety and security aspects of different ATT systems which are developed in the DRIVE 2 programme and study the influence of EMC risks on these systems and their safety requirements. The different EM interferences that road equipment, communication networks and on-board systems are subjected to will be listed, the quality level of RDS signals aboard vehicles in different EM environments will be measured, road and vehicle equipment will be strengthened against EM interferences and new measurement methods taking into account these EMC requirements will be suggested.


The purpose of EMCATT is to contribute to new approval procedures, technical specifications and measurement methods intended to standardisation and normalisation organisations which take better account of the new EMC environments of today's urban and interurban sites.


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