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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Maritime Standardized Simulator Training Exercises Register


1- Description of the types of integrated, full-mission manoeuvring simulators, part task simulators i.e. manoeuvring-shiphandling-, radar/ARPA usage simulators (+ VTS simulators) and CBT/CAI systems
available in Europe for training/education purposes, including their technical capabilities. Investigate the feasibility of implementing new emerging technologies in the area of simulation with a view to the
covered training areas.
2- Categorization of a complete catalogue of tasks based on maritime experience, rules of the road, new opportunities, including the ISM code (IMO), new navigation technologies, required education levels.
3- Inventarization and summary of the simulation scenarios for the different types of simulators used by maritime facilities for training purposes and including the identification of the underlying education
levels, tasks and training aims.
4- Determination of gaps and shortcomings based on the comparison of existing scenarios and their respective aims of training with the developed catalogue of tasks. Set up of (a) methodology (ies) for the development of the lacking scenarios.
5- A basic catalogue of scenarios meeting the earlier set aims of training for the determined tasks and meeting the technical capacities of most simulators. Provide the methodologies for the development of
6- Assessment tools going along with the evaluation of the different training aims as reached through the different type of scenarios.
7- Provision of the final catalogue.

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