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Content archived on 2024-06-10

To COMFORT VTS - Management


Task 27/01:
To develop tools for VTS operators for the recognition and assessment of traffic situations
Task 27/02:
To develop a support system that can assist a VTS-operator
To combine different kinds of approaches in various VTS-areas
To combine the VTS situation traffic display
(Collission Risk Approach) To develop the algorithmus which will form the basis for the potential
implementation of new or enhanced VTS
To provide the theoretical background to support operators of VTS-systems
Task 27/03 :
To find out methods of mathematical representation of manoeuvering characteristics
Task 27/04 :
To investigate the integration of ECDIS/ENC into VTS
Task 27/05 :
(Traffic Displays) To deliver a report on operational requirements w.r.t. VTS traffic displays
and its MMI leading to a support system for VTS-operators
(Traffic Situation Display) To develop a traffic situation display for VTS
(Dense Traffic, PORT & APPROACH) To fit modern maritime traffic control requirements with efficient MMI and advanced track recognition functions
Task 27/06 :
(Dense traffic offshore) To develop a concept and to design a Traffic Density Detector operator tool
(Traffic situation display) To aid VTS operators to enhance safety and efficiency
Task 27/07 (Traffic Situation Display) :
To improve traffic situation assessment and/or tactical assistance
To develop, implement, assess and demonstrate processing methods to predict traffic image in a regional area
Task 27/09 (DATA LINKS & DATA)
To define means, interfaces and procedures to allow for standardized automatic data exchange between VT and main links
Task 27/10 (Consortium Management)
A joint coordination of INCARNATION, COMFORTABLE and MASSTER through the COMFORT consortium

Testbeds at VTS stations
A close cooperation within the COMFORT consortium for Tasks 15, 27 and 46 is previewed. In addition liason with the POSEIDON and VASME consortia will be sought.

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