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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Small/medium sized ports with harmonised, effective re-engineered processes


To approach small/medium sized ports (SMPs) not merely as nodal points within the TEN but as autonomous business units as well and apply to them the principles of "Business Process Re-engineering", i.e. redesign the port processes from scratch. This will result to simpler, more effective and flexible processes and networks suitable to fully exploit IT competencies and to better serve the SMP users. The design of the new processes will reflect the general shift from push (supply-driven) to pull (demand-driven) structures.

To develop a generic operational and organisational framework incorporating infrastructure, service and administration suggestions) for the efficient, reliable and flexible operation of small/medium sized ports (SMPs) as service Centres for transhipment and distribution. This framework will support the SMP's integration within the TEN (in terms of communication and interoperability) and the effective organisation and management of the port's logistics processes.

To evaluate the developed framework (several scenarios) within a virtual test site on a port process simulating tool:

To identify SMP users' requirements and expectations;

To identify current bottlenecks and inefficiencies in SMP operation and integration within the TEN;

To establish indices and procedures for monitoring and control of the SMP operation effectiveness;

To develop a simulation tool for SMP operation in order to evaluate the developed operational framework within a virtual test site;

To address special implementation/standardisation issues regarding the suggested telematics systems. Harmonization issues at a pan-European level will also be addressed;

To investigate the organisational and managerial implications of such a system and suggest a framework for managing change. The new/extra requirements for human resources and training will also be assessed.

Demonstration sites in Igoumenitsa, Ravenna, Harwich, Kokkola
Tasks 6,1,3/5, 6,1,3/6 a,d 6,1,3/7, 6,1,4/10, 6,4,5/48 and 6,4,5/49 Areas 6,1,3 (Ports) and 6,4,5 (Human Element in Ports) Programmes : Transport Telematics, COST 330 ; Concerted Action on Short Sea Shipping, MARIS (Maritime Information Society)

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