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Casualty Analysis Methodology for Maritime Operations


The development of a methodology for the investigation and analysis of maritime accidents. At this point in time a number of approaches to the investigation of marine accidents are in use, mostly by government authorities. The available methodologies however do not account for the human element in a thorough and constructive manner that will enable the investigating authority to assess the accident in all its aspects. The thrust of the effort of the work carried out in the CASMET project has therefore been to develop a methodology that: -Allows for the human and organisational element in the analysis of an accident, thus enabling the investigator to make a proper, in-depth assessment of the true causes that led to its occurrence. -Is not difficult to master, but can be used routinely in day-to-day work by a trained investigator. In order to fulfil the above, it was necessary to conduct a thorough survey of existing state-of-the-art approaches to accident investigation, both in the research literature and also in use in the marine and other industries. The outcome of this effort has been the development of a method that is not radically different to existing approaches but one that combines the best features of these in order to achieve the required targets. More information can be obtained at the following URL: (click here)