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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Evaluation of the impacts of new TEchnologies in maritime transport in the HumAn eLement through the creation of a constructive technology ASSESsment network


The main objective of the THALASSES project is the assessment of the socio-economic impacts of new technological concepts in maritime transport on the human element onboard.
Identification of trends in the development of new technologies in maritime transport with a focus on their impact on the human element.

Identification of the areas where socio-economic impacts of new technologies can be expected.

Analysis of the changes of the crew's role as a result of the introduction of new technologies and development of scenarios for their future implementation.

Investigation in the development and implementation of technology in order to reduce workload in ships.

Application of appropriate assessment methods of the improvement of ship operation through improved Human- Machine Interfaces (HMI).

Demonstration of the dynamics of changes concerning the human element as a result of the introduction of new technologies in selected case studies.
A case study is considered in relation to St. Piere et Miquelon island and another one in Germany
The project has links with other projects such as: WORKFRET, ATOMOS II, MASIS II, POSEIDON, SHIDESS.

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