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Tenancy Law and Housing Policy in Multi-level Europe

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First-ever pan-European survey on tenancy law

Approximately one third of EU citizens rent from a private owner, but to date there are very few regulations that create an EU standard. A European initiative surveyed national tenancy laws and their connection to national housing markets.

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The EU-funded TENLAW (Tenancy law and housing policy in multi-level Europe) project worked on providing the first large-scale comparative and European survey of tenancy law. This can be useful for national legislators, especially as it sheds valuable light on foreign laws and experiences. This well-thought-out European contribution to this field of law ultimately serves both tenants and landlords. Among its main outcomes, TENLAW delivered 31 national reports and 10 team comparative reports as well as an overall cross-analysis of the EU's potential role in future tenancy and housing laws. These comprehensive reports can be accessed without restriction and at no cost through the project website, offering a wealth of information for lawmakers, policymakers, international companies and researchers. Another outcome was an informative brochure titled 'My rights as tenant in the EU', particularly useful for those aiming to establish themselves in other EU countries. Representing a true pan-European effort on a grand scale, the project held its final conference in Hungary during 2015, garnering strong interest from policymakers and other stakeholders. Project meetings were held in Germany, Estonia, Spain, Italy and Slovenia, and a workshop took place in the Netherlands in 2014. The outcomes of TENLAW can support national legislators in re-regulating tenancy and housing laws, providing information and assistance on foreign tenancy law. In doing so, it will ultimately improve the effectiveness of the free movement of citizens and the intra-European labour market.


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