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Global Energy Assessment: Dissemination within the EU

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Promoting the Global Energy Assessment

The EU has funded a public dissemination campaign for the recently completed Global Energy Assessment (GEA) report.


Created by over 300 analysts from 75 countries, the GEA report is a comprehensive energy policy document. The report provides objective, scientific and policy-relevant analyses of global energy challenges and options, and presents several potential global energy scenarios. The 'Global Energy Assessment: Dissemination within the EU' (GEA DISSEMINATION) project enabled funding for activities to promote the GEA report at several global events. The grant supported two meetings: one in London to launch the report, and one in Brussels to highlight its relevance for EU policy. GEA DISSEMINATION covered the costs of travel, administration and report preparation for these meetings. It also supported the creation of a brochure and several short videos that serve as primers for the GEA report. These are easily accessible from the GEA website as well as on YouTube. The GEA report is a valuable resource, worldwide, for decision makers on energy. GEA DISSEMINATION has promoted the public awareness needed for the report to have an impact on global energy policies.


Global Energy Assessment, public dissemination, GEA report, energy policy, energy challenges, public awareness, global energy

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5 August 2019