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Validate Operations to Reduce Impact on Environment

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Novel validation approaches for cleaner and greener aviation

An EU initiative validated different functions in aircraft operation to reduce environmental impacts. This will help to make the sector more competitive and sustainable.

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Improved energy management in the aviation sector is pivotal for reducing environmental impacts and combating both air and sound pollution. Specifically, this requires a more streamlined fuel policy and reducing the impact of air traffic management on the environment. In this context, the EU-funded VALORIE (Validate operations to reduce impact on environment) project supported the development of proper fuel policy to render aviation more sustainable. To achieve its aims, VALORIE worked closely with Clean Sky, the key aeronautical research programme in Europe that works on increasing environmental performance of aircraft and air transport. It supported Clean Sky's Systems for Green Operations ITD (SGO-ITD) approach to designing aircraft systems that will contribute to aviation's environmental objectives. SGO-ITD creates value for different phases of aircraft operation, with the highest overall benefits being realised during the approach, on-ground and departure phases. Project partners widened the circle of experts to conduct validation of innovative environment-friendly practices of aircraft take-off and cruise. They analysed new operational scenarios provided by SGO-ITD, leading to the definition of validation scenarios. The VALORIE team defined test scenarios, ensuring their feasibility for airlines and current modes of operation. It validated such scenarios with active service flight crews via simulation procedures using the European Operational Concept Validation Methodology which performs air transport industry-related validation. Researchers then analysed the validation outcomes, which led a detailed assessment of the novel aircraft operation methods developed in SGO-ITD. VALORIE boosted the efforts of Clean Sky to further optimise burnt fuel and reduce the environmental impact of noise and emissions. Ultimately, this will result in a more sustainable aviation sector.


Validation, aviation, VALORIE, Clean Sky, Systems for Green Operations ITD

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