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Visual Privacy Management in User Centric Open Environments


Training Activities Manual

description of the training activities to be conducted to support employees of the PAs but also citizens (including patients) with using the VisiOn Privacy Platform.

VisiOn Pilots Reports

presentation of the results of the pilots

VisiOn Pilots Preparation

definition of the tasks that users (i.e. citizens and PA employees) have to perform during the pilots based on the scenarios documented in WP2 and of the technological environment to be established for the deployment of the VPP and communications infrastructure.

Scenarios for the Pilots

description of the scenarios of the 3 pilots that will be simulated but based on the real environment

VisiOn Privacy Platform: Testing Results

presentation of the results of the Quality-of-Service testing for the VPP and delivery of a list of recommended changes to improve VPP by comparing expectations to actual functionality

Dissemination and Standardisation Activities Report

Description of all planned contributions to standards and appropriate path to be followed to take the undertaken to standardisation bodies.

Citizens and Public Administrations Privacy Requirements

presentation of Vision's end users privacy requirements, namely citizens and public administrations

Public Project Presentation

Project Presentation in an international public event with relevant stakeholders

Public Website and Update

Website presenting project consortium, actions and deliverables

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