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Neolithic textiles and clothing industries in the Aegean

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Conceptualizing Greek Textile Terminologies: A Databased System

Author(s): Kalliope Sarri
Published in: Textile Terminologies from the Orient to the Mediterranean and Europe, 1000 BC to 1000 AD, Issue 7-26-2017, Zea E-Books 56, 2017, Page(s) 520-527
DOI: 10.13014/K2S46PVB

The Neolithic site at the Thespiai Magoula

Author(s): Kalliope Sarri
Published in: Boeotia Project, Volume II: The City of Thespiai: Survey at a Complex Urban Site, edited by John Bintliff, Emeri Farinetti, Božidar Slapšak, Anthony Snodgrass, Issue Volume II, 2017, Page(s) 267-280

Wrapped with Textiles

Author(s): Kalliope Sarri
Published in: Cutting Edge. Our Textile Universe, 2016, Page(s) 21-23

Protogeometric Funerary Textiles from Stamna, Aetolia, Greece

Author(s): Lazaros KOLONAS, Marie-Louise NOSCH, Kalliope SARRI, Christina MARGARITI, Irene SKALS, Ina VANDEN BERGHE
Published in: Hesperos. The Aegean Seen from the West Proceedings of the 16th International Aegean Conference, University of Ioannina, Department of History and Archaeology, Unit of Archaeology and Art History, 18-21 May 2016, Issue Aegaeum (Annales d'archéologie égéenne de l'Université de Liège et UT-PASP), 41, 2017