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Immersive and Interactive Real Time 3D Social Media Graphics Environments for the Broadcast Industry


Validation Phase Test Results

Periodic validation and test reports will be generated in order to continuously refine the VisualMedia integrated system in work package 6. This deliverable will document the results of the validation phase in two stages. The methodology will be designed in taking into account the need of generating feedback in different stages to optimise the refining process. It will be due end of months 19 and 22.

Workflow Requirements

This deliverable will identify the existing workflows in broadcast environments, the best strategy for the integration of VisualMedia modules or subsystems into these workflows, and their required adaptations and optimizations to make this integration possible. It will also determine the way that these subsystems will interoperate between them, the shared information between them, the data formats, and the optimized way that the users will operate the applications. This information will lead to the final requirements for the VisualMedia modules, the social media engine, the real time graphics engine, and the Online Distribution Engine.

VisualMedia Validation Plan

This deliverable will the methodology to be used to measure the user acceptance and the functional completeness and correctness of VisualMedia in the project framework. This will include how the technology will be used, in which program types, the questionnaires and templates for data collecting, number of technicians involved in each centre, its profile, etc.

User Requirements Definition

The result of task T2.2, following a program of consultations with the broadcast industry partners, RTVE, SET, TVR, BSTV, BR, and HAL , will detail a range of user requirements which will feed into the VisualMedia platform specification.

VisualMedia Specifications

This report will detail the Visual Media system specifications based on the user requirements and which will feed into the adaptation process in work package 3 and 4

VisualMedia User Documentation

This deliverable will include all documentation necessary for the user: user manual, installation manual, maintenance manual and Frequently Asked Questions.

User Consultation Protocol and Tools

This deliverable will document the work carried out in identifying stakeholder groups and detail the consultation methods and tools to be used during this first stage of the project

Dissemination Implementation Plan

This deliverable will guide the implementation of the dissemination strategy described in section 2.2a. The plan will be subject to revision and will detail all dissemination methods and quantified key performance indicators for each method

D1.1 Project Implementation Manual and Quality Control Plan

Description of all performance norms, management policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities, risk and contingency plans, conflict resolution mechanisms.

Data Management Plan

The use of a Data Management Plan (DMP) is required for projects participating in the Open Research Data Pilot in Horizon 2020, in the form of a deliverable in the first 6 months of the project. The deliverable, comprising the type of data generated/collected on the project, the standards to be used, the exploitation of the data for verification and re-use and the preservation of the data, will be generated during the first six months of the project.

Bi-annual Newsletter

The newsletter will provide information on project progress and will be circulated to stakeholders through the on line community and at various other events where appropriate. The newsletter will be due at end of months 6/12/18/24.

Fine-Tuning and Refinement Plan

This deliverable will describe how the validation feedback obtained in two stages in WP4, will be technically analysed, evaluated and introduced in the final pre-commercial release of VisualMedia.

Commercial Impact Advisory Group Composition and Management Plan

This deliverable will document the consortium’s approach to managing and extending the CIAG. It will include a list of initial members, the MoU which members will sign and the activities to be carried out by the CIAG during the course of the project.

Advanced prototype for the camera tracker with sensor fusion capabilities

This prototype will allow the final integration both with the plane-based tracker, with the graphics engine and also with the interaction tools on inserted graphics.

Prototype scene augmentation and interaction handling module

This prototype will include both the interaction tools and the plane-based region tracker and will integrate them with the camera tracker and with the graphics engine.

Prototype pan-tilt-zoom camera tracker

This first prototype will allow both to test the fusion with the plane-based region tracker developed in task 4.2 and also to start the integration with the real time graphics engine which will remain valid for the rest of tracker versions.

3D Graphics Engine

A beta release of the 3D graphics engine will be delivered that will include part of the data templates and graphics considered in task 3.1. It will also implement part of the defined protocols to communicate with the social media engine.

VisualMedia Commercial Release

The final commercial system, including: • The final version of the VisualMedia Integrated Platform (social media engine, graphic engine and on line distribution engine). • The final version of the camera tracker. • The final version of the scene augmentation and interaction handling module. The final product, will be then ready to be introduced in the market for an immediate commercial exploitation.

Social Media Engine

A beta release of the social media engine will be delivered that will include part of the new AI algorithms and the final protocols for the communication both with the real time graphics engine and with the Online Distribution Engine.

VisualMedia Integrated System

The VisualMedia Integrated System (including social media, real time 3D graphics engine and Online Distribution Engine). The final versions of the social media and the real time graphics engine will be delivered after their integration between them and with the Online Distribution Engine (including the operator interface and the front end for smart devices), ready for tests.

Promotional Activities

This deliverable will include the following contents: • On line Community Development – A progress report documenting the composition, expansion and nature of interactions in the dedicated VisualMedia On-line Community. The report will detail progress according to key performance indicators and will be included as part of the periodic progress report (D1.2) due end of months 6/12/18/24. This will be the responsibility of partner SIG. • Open Day Workshops (M24) – 6 workshops at each of the 6 user centres following validation in month 22/24. The organisation of each workshop and production of workshop report will be the responsibility of end user partners RTVE, SET, TV2, BSTV, BR and HAL with the support of BRA, NNO and IRT. The dissemination-leading partner SIG will coordinate the events. • Fair Programme Activity and Road Show Updates (M24) – The conference programme at proposal stage includes the annual programme of events around the world at which partners BRA, NNO and SIG have an active involvement (mainly in NAB, Las Vegas and IBC, Amsterdam). This programme will be extended to take account of other partner activities and will be documented in the Dissemination Implementation Plan (D7.1) will be the responsibility of partner SIG.

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