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Focus alternatives in the human mind: Retrieval, representation, and recall


The Role of Alternatives in Language

Author(s): Sophie Repp, Katharina Spalek
Published in: Frontiers in Communication, Issue 6, 2021, ISSN 2297-900X
Publisher: Frontiers Media
DOI: 10.3389/fcomm.2021.682009

The neurocognitive signature of focus alternatives

Author(s): Katharina Spalek, Yulia Oganian
Published in: Brain and Language, Issue 194, 2019, Page(s) 98-108, ISSN 0093-934X
Publisher: Academic Press
DOI: 10.1016/j.bandl.2019.04.007

The role of non-categorical relations in establishing focus alternative sets

Published in: Language and Cognition, 2020, Page(s) 1-26, ISSN 1866-9808
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
DOI: 10.1017/langcog.2020.21

<i>Foxes, deer</i>, and <i>hedgehogs</i>: The recall of focus alternatives in Vietnamese

Author(s): Annika Tjuka, Huong Thi Thu Nguyen, Katharina Spalek
Published in: Laboratory Phonology: Journal of the Association for Laboratory Phonology, Issue 11/1, 2020, Page(s) 16, ISSN 1868-6354
Publisher: Ubiquity Press
DOI: 10.5334/labphon.253

Contrastive intonation effects on word recall for information-structural alternatives across the sexes

Author(s): Xaver Koch, Katharina Spalek
Published in: Memory & Cognition, 2021, ISSN 0090-502X
Publisher: Psychonomic Society Inc.
DOI: 10.3758/s13421-021-01174-1

What's the alternative? Experimental research on the extent of focus alternative sets

Author(s): Anna-Lisa Ndao, Katharina Spalek
Published in: Proceedings of Linguistic Evidence 2018: Experimental Data Drives Linguistic Theory, 2019, Page(s) 32-44
Publisher: University of Tübingen
DOI: 10.15496/publikation-32632

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