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Secure Information Sharing Sensor Delivery event Network


Final legal requirements

Updated version of D2.2.

Final data analysis results

Final results of T5.1, T5.2 and T5.3, using T5.4 as the basis. The report will detail the advances made in this WP, including the novel insights derived from the individual and combined data sets and suggestions for fellow researchers.

Final dissemination report

Final version of D2.1, including data from the second reporting period.

Preliminary legal requirements

This deliverable will document the management of all legal aspects and deployment strategy, as well as the IPR management. Particular attention will be paid to the law differences among the member states as well as other Countries where SISSDEN will be operated, focusing on European level, but with paying attention to sensible regions outside Europe.

Qualitative and quantitative assessment report

Essential assessment of both the qualitative and quantitative success and impact of the SISSDEN pilot.

Data exchange interfaces specification

Specification of data exchange interfaces and mechanisms used in SISSDEN.

Trial definition and test plan

Technical trial and testing plan documents, updated regularly during the WP6 pilot phase to ensure successful testing of all SISSDEN pilot phase elements.

Metrics specification and results

This deliverable presents the final set of metrics derived from the data available to the consortium and their application for cross-country and cross-region comparisons. With interactive and searchable online metrics & statistical mapping.

Preliminary data analysis specification

The deliverable documents the new analyses developed in T5.1, T5.2 and T5.3, including a preliminary specification of new information they provide.

Interim dissemination report

This report is an instrument that will allow following the awareness actions done by the project partners throughout the project. The preliminary version will report past activities and give an overview of actions the planned in the second period, while the final report will contain the list of all activities done at several dissemination level, such as papers, website, links from other reference websites, demonstrations and workshops.

Collaboration and data sharing portals

This deliverable will consist of web services to support the collaboration and sharing of data inside the project and with external participants. The project website is public in general, but may contain non-public sections internal to the consortium.

Project website

The project website will be created at a very early stage of the project and will be kept updated all along project duration. This deliverable represents an important part of Task 2.4 and will be carried out by partners paying attention to exploit the website as a key dissemination and market approach instrument.

Platform user feedback system

Feedback platform to allow SISSDEN consortium members and other vetted system users to provide feedback on SISSDEN system usage.

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