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Urban strategies for Waste Management in Tourist Cities


D7 .1 Publication and paper on impact assessment

The impact assessment performed will produce a report for dissemination purposes and a scientific paper. The report will address environmental, economic and social impacts of the measures tested, including gender issues.

Deliverable 3.3 Scientific article on consume and waste behaviours in Europe

Based on the result of the analysis performed in each city and from the benchmarking of those a scientific article will be developed and submitted to peer review.

Deliverable 3.11 - Scientific article on action research methodology applied to URBAN-WASTE case

An article will be produced describing the action research approach adopted and presenting results and insights from its application on the URBAN-WASTE case.

Deliverable 6.1 Public-Private partnerships

Public – Private partnership for the implementation of the waste prevention and management strategies will be published (one for each pilot case), including detailed operative programmes for the implementation and monitoring of the strategy and the related roles and responsibilities

Deliverable 3.6 Paper on gender mainstreaming in urban planning: case on waste management

Relying on the analysis performed under WP3, the focus groups, the activities deployed in the framework of the gender strategy and the gender impact assessment performed at the end of the piloting, a paper will be developed to advance knowledge and practices on gender mainstreaming.

D8.4 Newsletter

Publication of a project newsletter every 6 months.

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Gamification as An Approach to Promote Tourist Recycling Behavior

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How to Encourage Recycling Behaviour? The Case of WasteApp: A Gamified Mobile Application

Author(s): Aguiar-Castillo Lidia, Rufo-Torres Julio, De Petra, Perez-Jimenez Rafael
Published in: Sustainability, Issue 10/5, 2018, Page(s) 1544, ISSN 2071-1050
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