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Development of a monitoring system for inspection of soil and aquifer contamination by shalegas and fracking chemicals



For each event: 1. Event planning: TWI/DTI with the support of all project partners will plan the event, and draft a programme to be agreed by the partners. Delegate target lists will be prepared and individual invitations and acceptances managed. Event logistics, and on-line promotion of the event will be covered by the consortium team. 2. Event management: TWI/DTI will manage the event for the chosen date and venue. This includes delegate reception, event moderation, rapporteur and event staffing, photography and catering. 3. Event report: rapporteur notes and photos of the event, will be collated into a professional report, of which a print- ready PDF will be distributed to all the project partners. 4. Report dissemination: in addition to the project’s website, META Group SLR will also promote the report online with its project partners and identified target groups, in Linked-In and other social media.

Sales Brochure, including a commercial presentation of the project’s outcomes

Sales Brochure, including a commercial presentation of the project’s outcomes (Month 6-33): 1. A white paper or ‘roadmap’, including a set of recommendation addressed at the policy makers

Communication and dissemination strategy

Communication and dissemination strategy (Month 1-6): strategic document mapping stakeholders’ needs, communications materials to be produced, dissemination tools to be used (how and when), milestones in the project’s work program to implement efficiently the strategy and KPIs to make sure the implementation is on tracks and delivers good results. 1. Website (Month 2). The website will include a presentation of the project’s goals, partners, news, activities and results when available. Regular content updates will be made – that will draw traffic to the project’s site and those of its partners. 2. Promotional brochures and leaflets (Month 2). META Group will design attractive sales materials targeted at potential partners and stakeholders that the project will need for impact. Partners will follow a tailored approach to draw attention of specific target groups. Specific documentation and wording will be produced to match the focus of business executives, investors, policy makers, regulators, potential funders, health authorities or products’ end-users. Electronic and printed versions will be made available. 3. Social media (month 1) and video (Month 6). Communications channels will be set up right at the beginning of the project. To spread the word about the project beyond the scientific community, META Group will multiply communication efforts through Tweets, a Facebook page and regular posts, a Linked-in profile/group, and other more social media. A 2-minute introductory video clip will also be produced and dissemination on all online dissemination channels (social media, project’s website, partners’ website, etc).

Final report

Final report

White paper for Shalesafe exploitation

White paper for Shalesafe exploitation.

Marketing plan and list research

Marketing plan and list research (Month 6-32). META Group will, with the project partners, compile usable lists of prospects for various stages in the project. 1. Dedicated project promotion (Month 1). Right at the launch of the project, a dedicated page will be set up on partner's websites to draw attention of the target audience and promote project news and results. Interviews of experts in the field of operations and of project’s representatives will also be featured via product dedicated channels. 2. Advertising campaigns via project web page and partner's network (2 weeks per year). Advertising campaigns will be used to promote the project’s activities, research papers or other noticeable achievements. 3. International media planning (ongoing activity): The international media strategy includes advising the project partners on interviews, editorial features and buys in other media outlets. META Group SRL will manage the media- buying budget made available by the project.

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Aquifer Monitoring Technology for Safe Shale Oil and Gas Exploration and Extraction

Author(s): Anders Tuxen, Amina Boughrara Salman, John Davis, Poul L. Pedersen, Casper L. Byg, Maj Frederiksen, Jacob A. Hansen, Søren N. Skov, Kasper T. Kjeldsen, Jim Hone, Andrew Wood, Bernadette T. Craster, Jason Shillam
Published in: SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 2018
DOI: 10.2118/191678-ms