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Integrative Mechanisms for Addressing Spatial Justice and Territorial Inequalities in Europe


Literature Review on Disaggregation Methodologies

Review of literature on disaggregation methodologies

Innovation Management Plan

The plan will cover the identification of opportunities for innovation, ‘market appraisal’ and target beneficiaries (in this case policymakers at EU, national and regional scales), dissemination methods, potential obstacles and risks, and issues concerning intellectual property.

Glossary of Key Terms and Concepts

This will define and explain key terms and concepts employed in IMAJINE

Report on Quantile Decomposition Methods

Report on application of quantile decomposition methods to analyse spatial variations in income distribution

Report on Spatio-temporal ESDA on GDP, Income and Educational Attainment in European Regions

Report on application of exploratory spatial data analysis techniques to indictors of inequality at the regional scale

Systematic Review of Territorial Cohesion Programme Evaluations

Report on review of evaluations of EU programmes aimed at territorial cohesion

Review of Literature on Definitions of Economic Growth

Literature review on definitions of economic growth

Conceptual Review of Scientific Literature

Summary of review of scientific literature on spatial justice, territorial inequalities and territorial cohesion

Synthesis Report on Migration Flows

Analysis of existing literature and data on migration flows within and to the European Union

Conceptual Framework for Empirical Research

Review of literature on multi-level policymaking, EU studies, and policy theory and outline of a conceptual framework for research in WP6

Review of Official Data

Summary report reviewing publically available official data on territorial inequalities

Report on Inequality Indices at Local Level

Report comparing existing indices of inequality at a local scale with new data produced through local estimation techniques.

Synthetic Policy Report on Links Between Social Equality, Service Delivery and Regional Autonomy

Analysis of research from WPs 1-6 focusing in particular on the data that shows the productive connections and tensions between the themes examine in the different work packages.

Review of Discourses of Territorial Inequalities in EU Policies

This report will discuss how territorial inequalities and issues of spatial justice have been framed within EU policy

Conceptual Framework and Contextual Case Study Report

Review of existing literature on autonomy movements informing the development of a conceptual framework for research in WP7 and introduction to case study regions with discussion of contextual data.


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Governing political spaces through “future work” – commentary to Jones

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Re-conceptualising Territorial Cohesion Through the Prism of Spatial Justice: Critical Perspectives on Academic and Policy Discourses

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Rural Spatial Justice

Author(s): Michel Woods
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