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Predictive Neural Information for Proactive Actions: From Monkey Brain to Smart House Control



This deliverable will a short report on the Website of the project.

Dissemination strategy and plan.

This deliverable will report on how the Plan4Act project will set out to disseminate its results.

Report on neural network model encoding sequences.

This deliverable will report on the design of a neural network encoder which is able to model neural sequences belonging to the monkey recordings from WP1. This is the basic starting point of the model for emulating data from Tests 1 and 2 (see Part-B).

Short report and specification data sheet about the implementation of the interfaces for the Smart House.

This deliverable will provide a report in the form of a data sheet specifying the actual implementations of the required interfaces that allow connecting Smart House devices to the experimental data from WP1 via the controllers developed in WP2 and WP3.

First Report on status of experimental setup (SmartCage), training, behavioral testing, and neural recording.

This deliverable will report how the Smart Cage will be set up, which functions it will support and how it shall operate in conjunction with neural recordings. It will address the training and behavioral testing aspects as well as the actual recording setup for monkey neural recordings.

Report on the status of Smart House devices and interfaces for connecting to the controllers of WP2 and WP3.

This deliverable will report on the different devices and interfaces that exist in the here used Smart House in order to allow us to connect them with the controllers from WP2 and WP3.

Report on behavioral testing and status of recording with SmartCage action sequence planning for Test 1.

"This deliverable will report about the specific experiments for the action sequence planning in ""Test 1"" as described in Part-B. This concerns behavioral testing as well as the corresponding neural recordings in the SmartCage."

Data sheet of definitions of experimental conditions for the Smart House as depending on the setup and data of WP1.

This deliverable will provide a report in the form of a data sheet specifying the different required definitions of the experimental conditions which would allow controlling a Smart House with neural data from Tests 1 and 2 (see Part-B). Hence it provides the link to the experimental data from WP1.

Report on neural network model using the sequential structure to predict the present sequence.

This deliverable will report on the neural network model extended to be able to predict the data from Test 1 (see Part-B), which will use a sequential structure with the goal to be able to predict the present behavioral sequence.

Report on generic reduced control units for complex action sequence formation.

This deliverable reports on the electronic implementation and it will describe how the cell assemblies in the neural network from WP2 can be generically reduced into electronic control units that allow encoding of complex action sequence information.

Data Management Plan

This deliverable will describe the Data Managment Plan as required by the Pilot on Open Research Data. This plan will discuss: 1) What types of data will the project generate/collect? 2) What standards will be used? 3) How this data will be exploited and/or shared/made accessible for verification and re-use? And how this data will be curated and preserved?

Demonstration of Smart House control using the software controller from WP2 and the Test 1 condition from WP1.

This deliverable will be a demonstrator that shows the functionality of the software based controller from WP2 using the simpler Test 1 experimental data.

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