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Empowering Photonics through Regional Innovation Strategies in Europe


Exploitation plan – final

Final version of project's exploitation plan.

Final report on European Photonics Roadshow

Final report on European Photonics Roadshow.

Report on the assessment and selection of regions for showcasing

This deliverable will highlight photonics sector and its activities in selected regions. Photonics sector in at least 1 region per country should be highlighted. Assesment of position of the photonics sector in different regions, which have not selected photonics as a priority in their RIS3 or have not indirectly prioritised photonics, will be carried out and the most suitable candidates for highlighting will be selected.

Profiles of regions and identification of collaboration opportunities

Document summarising the profile of different regions with some initial propositions about how selected regions could interact.

Report on regional ÉPRISE events

Report on regional ÉPRISE events will summarise the discussions and conclusions of each event.

Dissemination plan - final

Final version of the deliverable relating to the dissemination of materials dedicated to regional, national and 
European RIS3 policy makers as well as those related to Go-to market services.

Final report

Report on the activities carried out in the second year of EPRISE project.

Final report on collaboration opportunities and co-funding actions

This document will summarise various collaboration opportunities between different regions as well as financing opportunities and co-funding initiatives identified during the project.

Final report on the Go-to-market services

Final report providing a complete overview of Go-to-market services provided by the ÉPRISE project.

Information material about the photonics sector of selected regions

Information material about the photonics sector in selected regions will contain success stories and quantitative figures such as the number and dimension of companies, their turnover and growth. More importantly, it will also qualitatively describe key actors, especially companies, with information about their start-up period, evolution and expectations.

Report about the RIS3 and other relevant clusters/organisations/networks in the regions

Analysis of photonics ecosystems in their regional economic context with the underlying motivation to better exploit regional production, innovation, internationalisation, research activities and human capital. Activities will be based on smart mapping (not exhaustive, but targeted), which will build on: - Mapping of regional/national investments in health, pharma, agro and food industries; - Mapping of European funding, other than H2020 and related to photonics, but with a priority given to the same 4 application areas; - Identifications of cluster organisations and networks related to other KETs or to other technologies related to photonics in each region/country.

Information booklet relating to Food market

Booklet of expert information relating to Food market

Final version of the expert database

Database of relevant experts will regroup the information about the experts, such as their contact details as well as their market sector and areas of expertise. The expert profiles in the database will be made public taking into consideration privacy issues and regulations on protection of personal data.

Information booklet relating to Pharmaceuticals market

Booklet of expert information relating to Pharmaceuticals market

Information booklet relating to Medical technologies market

Booklet of expert information relating to Medical technologies market.

Information booklet relating to Agriculture market

Booklet of expert information relating to Agriculture market

Go-to-Market and opportunities booklet

Go-to-Market and opportunities booklet will contain information generated in WP3. These will be distributed at European photonics Roadshow events. The material will be updated during the course of the project based on the feedback received and on any new developments in the field.

Web-based complemented photonics database

Further development of the OASIS project database by adding actors from different levels: Other types of companies, i.e. companies not specifically related to the life science field or not yet involved in the OASIS database; academic actors and research technology organisations (RTOs); research infrastructures relevant to photonics, especially EU co-financed ones; further investigations based on results obtained in the EuroPho21 project concerning the RIS3 of the regions. In particular, the information with a special focus on biophotonics and on the 4 life science applications of the project.

Data Management Plan

Data management plan will be elaborated within the first 6 months of the project. This deliverable will evolve during the lifetime of the project in order to present the status of the project's reflections on data management.

Project branding and website

"A single project brand (logo, presentation template, introduction slides, PR materials, video) will be developed for the project, in order to strengthen its outreach and project recognition and also to convey the key messages about the importance of Photonics as a key technology in the target markets and about aims of the project. The project will make a press release when the project launches and also when the project has reached a significant milestone. This communication kit, complemented with copyright licences, will be provided to the European Commission and to Photonics21 at the beginning of the project with updates at mid-term and at the end. All communication activities related to the project will acknowledge the context of the Photonics PPP, for example by stating that the project is an initiative of the Photonics Public Private Partnership. A project website will be set-up, containing information on the project objectives, structure, participants, events, news, results, publications, and globally linked to other relevant websites including other relevant EU funded projects in ICT, Photonics21 and other relevant Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). As part of this deliverable, an online community space for the project on social media websites such as LinkedIn and Twitter will be created. When communicating on Twitter or other social media about project activities, #Photonics will be included together with @Photonics21 and @PhotonicsEU. A separate secure area for the project participants will be set up to enable internal communication and exchange of documents. The site will also have web-forms for the online submission of data about regional smart specialisation strategies in support of the activity in WP2 and about photonics companies in support of the activities in WP3."

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