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Innovative technical solutions for improved train DYNAmics and operation of longer FREIGHt Trains


Light materials assessment for rail freight bogie application

Report describing the analysed materials, summarizing the potential benefits of the selected materials and the industrial viability taking into account potential weight reduction, impacts on reparability and associated manufacturing costs and fixed cost in respect with existing materials and process.

Noise reduction on freight bogies

Report describing the identified noise sources, the retained limits for the overall noise and source power, and the proposed measures to achieve the targets with its calculated/measured improvements.

Functional requirements of radio controlled traction and braking

Report describing functional requirements of the radio communication. An important requirement is to specify a maximum number of seconds allowed for disrupted communication. This time may be linked to the train speed at disruption and to the planned traction and braking actions. The content of this deliverable is general, and only some important requirements are mentioned. The reason behind that is the necessity to discuss and agree with the members of the correspondent CFM project FFL4ES2R-CFM-IP5-03-2015 on the functional requirements of the radio, as they have to be compatible with the future operations of the trains (CFM will run the demonstration in the FFL4ES2R-CFM-IP5-03-2015 project). It is needed to define the operational modes and train configurations, safety codes, band widths, interface between the loco control and the radio, etc. The radio system will be defined according to the defined modes and architecture with the loco. And the detail of this will be known in a work cooperation with the FFL4E S2R-CFM-IP5-03-2015 project. In the project proposal, Table 9 List of OC-CFM interaction meetings and inputs indicates at its first item agenda “Definition of radio requirements”, as it is essential for the development of the task and the detailed deliverable definition. This will be done at the very beginning, and at month 4, according to the planning, this shall be agreed, which will allow a detail Deliverable Development Plan for D3.1.

Set up a dissemination and exploitation plan for the project

Report defining the project dissemination, communication and exploitation strategies

Dissemination and Exploitation activities

Report summarising the results/impacts of all the dissemination, communication and exploitation activities

Adaptions in rail infrastructure for long train operation

This report provides adaptions needed for long-train operation with respect to track layout, signalling and terminals.

Safety precautions in train configuration and brake application

For a carefully selected number of train configurations, brake applications and track layouts, the train derailment risk is evaluated by 3D analysis. In the report, these analyses will support safety precaution guidelines for long-train operation according to the Marathon concept.


Scenarios and requirements for the operation of longer freight trains in Europe

Published in: Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2018, 2017
Publisher: TRA2018

Design of a novel lightweight, low impact freight locomotive bogie

Published in: Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2018, 2017
Publisher: TRA2018

Longitudinal Train Dynamics for Freight Wagons passing through an S-curve

Author(s): KTH
Published in: IRSA2017, 2017
Publisher: IRSA2017

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