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Enabling the European Business Graph for Innovative Data Products and Services


Requirements Analysis, Architecture and API Specification for the euBusinessGraph Marketplace – v2

This deliverable will revise the requirements, architecture and API specification for the euBusinessGraph marketplace based on the feedback and recommendations from the business cases after using the initial release. This will ensure iterative provisioning of the marketplace taking into account usage feedback.

Data Gathering, Quality Assessment and Management Plan

This report will collect the requirements for (1) data gathering from the data providers, (2) the business rules that will be implemented to ensure data quality, and (3) the Data Management Plan.

System of Identifiers, Ontologies and Vocabularies

This deliverable will report on the system of identifiers and the relevant shared data models developed to support the business cases.

Requirements Analysis, Architecture and API Specification for the euBusinessGraph Marketplace – v1

This deliverable will collect the requirements for the marketplace, including requirements for the various services provisioned in the WP.

Cross-lingual/Multi-lingual Data Management Approach for Structured and Unstructured Data

This deliverable will detail the cross-lingual/multilingual data management approaches for unstructured data annotation as well as company-related event and relation extraction.

Impact Creation Report

An assessment of the impact of the project overall, against the metrics developed in the strategy, including case studies that demonstrate its impact.

Exploitation and Dissemination Strategy

Will include the initial outputs of Task 5.2, including impact metrics and open source and engagement strategies for the project.


The initial launch of the website as a platform for on-going engagement, including areas for blogging, news releases, project reports and a forum for feedback from interested parties.

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Tabular Data Anomaly Patterns

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A Visual Data Profiling Tool for Data Preparation

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ALaDIn: Shining a Light on Air Quality through Data Integration and Machine Learning

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Ontologies for the Real Property Domain

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ABSTAT 1.0: Compute, Manage and Share Semantic Profiles of RDF Knowledge Graphs

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"""Introducing corporate events: timeline data for companies"""

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Relation Extraction from News.

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Creating the German open company data: how we did it

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Patisserie Valerie shows why we need Corporate Events data

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