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Virtualisation of the testing environment


Demonstration plan

[Task 4.1; TRL4]. General demonstration plan and test specification.

Adaptations to new architecture and results of the tests performed with the tool for FFFIS compliance evaluation

Description of adaptations made for each lab (RINA, MULTITEL, CEDEX, RFI) and results of the tests performed with the tool for FFFIS compliance evaluation

Test process framework

Understanding of the test phases, definition of inputs/outputs, aims of tests etc allowing the optimisation for certain field tests efforts

Dissemination Plan

Draft dissemination plan for the project

State of the art of the test process

Description of the current situation regrading the testing processess for ERTMS

Lab architecture specification

Description of the lab architecture

Lab architecture State of the art analysis

Current situation including links to other projects and S2R initiatives, currently used project data format and identification of critical interfaces

Demonstration results and analysis

[Task 4.4; TRL4] Test results and evaluation

Description of the project data format

Proposal for the project data format to be used in lab testing

Specific demos test architectures and application notes

[Tasks 4.2 and 4.3; TRL4]. Description of specific architecture and test application notes for the Demo RFI-RINA [remote] and Demo CEDEX-MULTITEL[remote]

Assessment report from the NoBos/DeBos

Assessment report containing results from both tasks in WP5

Description of the Test Dictionary

Description of a tests dictionary for the automation of the tests for the lab

Final project brochure

Final brochure of the projact including summary of results

Dissemination material

Dissemination materials as defined in the dissemination plan

Initial project brochure

Initial brochure with project information

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