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REsources from URban BIo-waSte



the RES URBIS Web site is created and made available to the partners, the stakeholder and the public

Dissemination materials

Res-URBIS dissemination materials (leaflets, press releases, scientific papers

Cluster analysis framework

A harmonized framework is released for estimation of amount and composition of urban bio-waste resources

Data Management Plan

the Data magement Plan (DMP) is defined and reported

Report on process integration

report on optimal conditions for process integration and delivery of mass and energy fluxes of the whole process

PHA properties

Report on PHA characterization and effect of impurities

Report on Stakeholders unmet need

The deliverable will include a detailed list and description of unmet need by main stakeholder type, classified based on region and type

Legal framework

report giving an overview of legal aspects related to management (collection, transport and disposal ) of different urban organic waste

SP report

Report on overall activity of Stakeholder Platform and recommendation for exploitation of RES URBIS results

2nd report on upstream

report on optimization acidogenic fermentation and pretreatments

Cost-benefit Model simulations

The Cost-Benefit model is especially designed for RES URBIS relevant scenarios, taking into account impact of relevant variables and will be run across relevant case studies to be designed based on the results from other streams

Final LCA

Environmental assessment of the RES URBIS biowaste biorefinery concept

Occupational safety

report on the assessment of occupational safety and health aspects

Screening LCA

A Preliminary screening LCA, based on available data, as collected by W1 partners

Relevant contaminants

selected list of relevant contaminants to be monitored in Task 3.1

Final conference

report on final Conference

RES URBIS integrated portfolio

The deliverable consists of an integrated portfolio for relevant RES URBIS scenarios, with definition of key factors for replicability

2nd Disssemination report

final report report on networking, dissemination and communication activities and public engagement

Integrated strategic roadmap

The integrated strategic roadmap comprehends local strategic roadmap and granular level and key factors for replication

Contaminant fate

Report on contaminant fate along the technology chain from bio-waste to bioproducts

Social aspects

report on social barriers and/or driving forces and recommendations for dissemination

1st report on PHA production

First report on pilot-scale process for PHA production

1st report on upstream

acidogenic fermentation and pretreatment of lignocellulosic fractions

End of Waste

report with tentative definition of “End of Waste” criteria for the new products (bioplastics from urban bio-waste)

1st Dissemination Report

mid-term report on networking, dissemination and communication activities and public engagement

2nd report on PHA production

report on optimisation of PHA production at pilot scale

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