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Antimicrobial FLEXible POLymers for its use in hospital environments


FLEXPOL project website

Summary of all information related to and published on the project website, its functionalities, private and public features. A public website will be launched in M3 presenting a first project overview. It will be updated on a regular bases as soon as publishable project achievement are available.

Summary of validation in hospital environment

Report covering all aspects from the Hospital to the market: efficacy, usability, cleaning and disinfection protocols. The view of the Healthcare personnel

Selection of FLEXPOL materials

Final set of extracted preparates and PP active materials and films for upscaling

Proof-of-concept by batch-to-batch nanoimprinting

First batch-to-batch nanoimprinting of antibacterial surfaces based on topography on PP and oil emulsions doped films is possible at the end of M18. Trials and results are documented in presentation slides or report document. Information on prototypes are given in a publishable quality.

High volume continuous film production

Film production rate up to 500 m/h, film thickness up to 100 μm, additivation of masterbatches (PP with essential oils) up to target. Production quality is demonstrated by producing 4.000 m² of antimicrobial PP film in 8 hours. Considering the maximum width (200 mm tubular) and the maximum speed rate (500 m/h) this results in a 160 kg production. Replication/ structuring production speed will be increased to 7,5 m/min. A yield of 90% is targeted. Production quality in terms of process stability and reliability will be demonstrated by processing 1.000 m² of PP film. Taking into consideration the maximum web width of 250 mm (200 mm structured area) and the web speed of 7,5 m/min this results in a 12,5 hours production (90% yield) (excluding change of reels, set-up times etc.).

Final Report on Dissemination and Communication Activities

List of dissemination and communication activities performed during the project with focus on M18 to M36

Dissemination and Communication Plan

Initial dissemination plan covering M1 to M18

Documentation package for commercialization

Technical Data sheet, Material Safety Data Sheet, Application Guide for Flexpol film for in-service use and end-of-life specifications, and any other relevant documentation for commercialization

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