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Smart building retrofitting complemented by solar assisted heat pumps integrated within a self-correcting intelligent building energy management system.


Documentation and drawing from Engineering and design. Execution of the retrofitting plan for the Solar assisted AHP system in Toledo

This Deliverable will focus on the description of the engineering design, the installation and commissioning of the system supported by evidence based documentation (images illustrating different stages of the retrofitting works) to be published on the project website.

Governance structure, communication flow and methods. Quality Plan. Risk analysis and contingency plan.

This deliverable consists of the Quality Assurance Plan, Innovation Management Plan, and Risk analysis along with the Contingency Plan.

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Review of the European dwelling stock and its potential for retrofit interventionsusing solar-assisted heating and cooling

Author(s): Elguezabal,P.; Arregi, B.; Schuetz, P.; Gwerder, D.; Scoccia, R.; Tsatsakis, K.; Biosca, J.; Bortkiewicz, A.; Waser, R.; Sturzenegger, D.
Published in: """REHABEND 2018 Proceedings""", 2018

Renewable Heating and Cooling Solutions for Buildings and Industry

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Fast simulation platform for retrofitting measures in residential heating

Author(s): Philipp Schuetz, Rossano Scoccia, Damian Gwerder, Remo Waser, David Sturzenegger, Peru Elguezabal, Beñat Arregi, Alessandro Sivieri, Marcello Aprile, Jörg Worlitschek
Published in: Cold Climate HVAC 2018 The 9th International Cold Climate Conference Sustainable new and renovated buildings in cold climates Kiruna – Sweden 12-15, March 2018, 2018
Publisher: Not yet avaialable

Fast assessment platform for energy consumption of different configurations in residential heating with thermal storages

Author(s): Philipp Schuetz, Rossano Scoccia, Damian Gwerder, Remo Waser, David Sturzenegger, Peru Elguezabal, Beñat Arregi, Alessandro Sivieri, Alberto Armijo, Marcello Aprile, Jörg Worlitschek
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Publisher: Not yet avaialble

First results of remote building characterisation based on smart meter measurement data

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Automated modelling of residential buildings and heating systems based on smart grid monitoring data

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Absorption and compression heat pump systems for space heating and DHW in European buildings: Energy, environmental and economic analysis

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Building hvac retrofitting using a pv assisted dc heat pump coupled with a pcm heat battery and optimal control algorithm

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District Power-To-Heat/Cool Complemented by Sewage Heat Recovery

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Optimization module for filtering and ranking alternative energy replacement systems, in an online ICT design tool for building retrofits

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